Fundraising Events


Dezerland provides you with a new and exciting way to achieve your fundraising goals. Non-profit groups can hold a “Fun-Raiser” on a designated night and a percentage of your event sales will be donated to your organization. See our chart below to determine how much your organization can get back.

  • Sales generated!
  • Percentage given back to your organization!
  • Up to $1000.00
  • 15%
  • $1001.00 – $2500.00
  • 20%
  • $2500.00 or more
  • 25%


  • Contact your local Dezerland Event Coordinator to determine a “Fun-Raiser” date. Events preferably should be set up 30 days in advance. But we understand how busy you are so we’ll work with you with as much notice as you can give us. The fundraising nights must be held Monday through Thursday.
  • Complete this “Fun-Raiser” Agreement and return it to the Event Coordinator for processing. Be sure to fill it out completely and sign where indicated.
  • Our Group Sales Office will create a master flyer invitation and email it to you.
  • Now the fun begins! Print and hand out as many flyers as possible to family, friends, co-workers, etc. Talk it up! It’s an opportunity to raise money for your organization and treat yourself to a good time!
  • On the night of the event participants will need to attach their sales receipts to the flyers and turn the flyer into the card host stand.
  • Within 5-7 business days you’ll receive your “Fun-Raiser” check generated from your “Fun-Raiser” night!


Charities, churches, schools, athletic teams, scout troops and other organizations considered to be non-profit by the IRS may apply for a “Fun-Raiser” event. We also welcome “Fun-Raiser” requests from community recreational clubs that do not have non-profit status. These request must provide supporting W-9 tax ID information. See “Fun-Raiser” Agreement on reverse side for details. (Dezerland reserves the right of approval for any request submitted for a”Fun-Raiser” event.)


Not if everyone follows the rules! We want to do our part to provide your organization with fun games, great food and the proceeds of your event sales. We hope you’ll do your part too:

  1. Please do not distribute flyers in the Dezerland venue, mall, parking lot or vicinity.
  2. Group rates or discounts will not be honored in conjunction with a “Fun -Raiser” event.
  3. No duplicate receipts turned in please.
  4. Failure to comply will result in a voided contract.